So welcome back to what is my first post of 2012 and what is the start of  the ‘New Noise in 2012…’ series. I’m starting with a glorious band from Oxford who create summery, frenetic, 90’s tinged guitar pop. I give to you, Secret Rivals.

Secret Rivals

The 4 piece consist of Clouds on Synth & Vocals, Jamie Corcoran on Guitar & Vocals, Reece Chapman on Drums and Andrew Murton on Bass. Already signed last year to Kittiwake Records in London who released their single, ‘Tonight Matthew’ to some great praise from the likes of Tom Robinson and Rob Da Bank. With this under their belt, they released mini-album ‘Make Do And Mend’ on indie label, Haslegs Records, in September last year.

Now it’s 2012 and the band are back on a new label and with a euphonic new single called ‘Once More With Heart’, which is out on the 16th Januar on It’s All Happening! Records.

There are moments of charm and damn good leg-slapping joy, when Secret Rivals let rip. Energy and compulsion entwined with layer upon layer of synths and choppy guitar’s. The band are infectious and will have you on your feet, shaking those hips and dancing till that indie dancefloor can take no more.

They have a video made for Once More With Heart, which is right here for you fine people….

Plus, an excellent remix from Alphabet Backward which is available as a free download! How lovely is that! Download it now from here….

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