Peter Cornish-Barlow - a.k.a. Mr Sourmash Music and Music Nerd

Tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la la, la la la la. That’s enough la’s I think. Hello everyone, I just wanted to take this post to wish all my readers and subscribers a very Merry Christmas. It’s the time of the season, as The Zombies once sang, to celebrate with family and friends and give to others. Enjoy and be merry and don’t forget to watch Muppet’s Christmas Carol at some point, its hand down the best Christmas movie ever!

Without this next lot of people, this blog wouldn’t be possible. Also with a special video from singer/songwriter, Stylusboy.


Pete x

Alan McGee - Creation Records Founder

 “Merry Xmas to Peter and all the Sourmash crew. Love is the law always xoxo”


Adam Ficek - RKC/Babyshambles/ London Guns/DJ

 To the readers of Sourmash.

‘Have an elephantine christmas and a whalelike new year, Christmas is all about shiny things, computers and consuming – so ignore your family, put your toe into your Playstation and turn off the real world’

Adam Ficek


The Narrows - Twisted Mancunian Electro Wizards

Dear Pete and the readers of Sourmash,

So it’s now 3.32am and I have been sat here for what feels like 15 years trying to figure out exactly what to write for this Christmas message. I assume this is what the Queen must feel like every year, except she probably doesn’t have a bottle of Heineken in one hand and a shoddily made cigarette in the other. Or maybe she does. Who knows what goes on inside the Palace? We don’t. And we don’t particularly care to be honest. The only thing we know for definite is that Prince Harry is more than likely locked away in a small Opium den under the kitchens with 3 call girls, a tommy gun and a Phil Collins CD.

So now it’s 3.56am and all I’ve done is speculate on the possible whereabouts of James Hewitt’s son. Back to my original question: what could we write to you, Pete, and you – the fabulous readers of the Sourmash blog? Should we mention the investment bankers who’ve ruined people’s lives? The government who are ignoring the problem of getting people in to work and who are instead waging war on the people below the poverty line who they helped to put there last time they were in power? The US and their continual thirst for war? The fact that all popular music seems to now be influenced by David Fucking Guetta?

No. We’re not going to mention any of that. Not us.

What we want to say is a deep and heartfelt thank you to Pete and to you for reading his wonderful words and listening to our music. Since Pete featured the video exclusive of our first single Initials MM back in April, we have gone on to play T in The Park, we’ve had airplay on 6Music, XFM, Amazing Radio and Absolute Radio, been to London to be interviewed by Tom Robinson and have added the likes of Zane Lowe, John Kennedy and Mike Joyce as fans. Next year we’ll be releasing our debut album, playing our second London gig and we’ve just been asked to play the HMV Next Big Thing event, which is unbelievable. Without people like Pete championing our music and without the readers of his blog who have supported and downloaded our work, none of these fantastic things would have been possible.

So thank you from the bottom of our weird, cold, dark hearts. Next year is going to be a big one. We would love you join us.

Lots of love,

The Narrows.


Roxanne de Bastion - Mesmerising German Songstress

Here’s wishing all the readers of Sourmash,

A very Happy Holiday Bash!

A rather busy year we’ve had,

our schedules have been slightly mad!

Let’s enjoy a deserved break,

with lots of cookies, wine and cake!

With family, friends and music near,

Have a good slide into the New Year! (that’s how we say it in Germany!)

Dear Pete, thanks for all your support – we all love Sourmash!

Here’s wishing you and everybody reading this a Happy Holiday – 2012 will be a great one, I can feel it!


Mike Hough - RnB Rising Star and MOBO Nominee

‘Hey Guys, Mike Hough here! Just wanna wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & a happy and very productive new year! I hope you have a great time, eat lots, get fat, spend the new year contemplating going to the gym, and never do, because that’s what I do. Haha. Massive shout out to Pete and his amazing blog too. Many thanks to those who have shown me love and support this year and bring on 2012! MH x’


XO Man - Very talented 'giant' rapper

Santa’s a PIMP…FACT!!!!!

and I ain’t afraid to say it.

Come on folks… Stockings, hoe hoe hoes, giving girls gifts for FREE and shit while all the man’dem ‘happen’ to be on the bloodclart naughty list KMT

All I’m saying is SANTA… I’m on to you. So from one O G, Pimp, playa, gansta to another… The only chimney sliding that’s gonna be happening is me down your hoes and they better swallow my coal.

P.s If your planning on parking on MY roof get a ticket or I’m clamping that shit.

GoodNite GoodBless & SuckBreast


Sent from the future


Zane Lowe - Radio 1 DJ and New Music Guru

“Merry Christmas to Peter and all at Sourmash. Here’s to a great new year full of great new music.”


Hannah Trigwell - Awe inspiring Singer/Songwriter

‘To the lovely Sourmashmusic readers and the brilliant founder Pete!

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and an amazing new year.

Hope 2012 is a great year for everyone!

Lots of love,

Hannah Trigwell :) x ‘


Mr Gee - Poet & Radio Presenter

“I wish everybody happy smiles & happy sighs & we’ll see who took the mistletoe a bit too far…. in 9 months time!

regards gee”


Spring Offensive - The Princes of Oxford

“It’s Christmas, which as we all know is just another day of the year. Be it commercial, sentimental or theological, there is a lot of hype to avoid. Forget all that. It will only leave you feeling curiously empty. Christmas should be whatever you make of it. Surround yourself with people you love, forget about money, forget about next year. That can take care of itself some other time. For now, eat all the food and stay warm – no one should expect anything more of you. And for God’s sake be nice to each other for once yeah?” 


Stylusboy - Songsmith

 “Happy Christmas everyone! I hope you have a lovely time and eat too much delicious food! Enjoy time with people you love and give and receive some great presents. I hope 2012 is an exciting year full of excitement and hope!”

And now a special video of Stylusboy’s ‘Silent Night’

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