One of the finest bands to come out of Essex in the last ten years have only gone and come back to us. Not to make a big thing of it, but who have they asked to have the EXCLUSIVE FIRST BLOGGERS PREVIEW OF A TRACK OFF THEIR NEW ALBUM ‘BUILD’ oh yes that’s right, SOURMASH MUSIC.

Baddies - Eating Tapes

Baddies are gearing up now for the release of their second album simply called ‘Build’ and are giving away electro/rock gem ‘Bronto’ away absolutely FREE. Their new album is not out till March 2012, but to kick off proceedings, the band have decided ‘Bronto’ would be a great opener. I am especially privileged as Sourmash Music will be the FIRST BLOG to post the track and you will be able to download it on here for FREE.

Baddies exploded on the scene back in 2009 with their exceptional rabble rousing début ‘Do The Job’. A frenetic punk/power pop classic that made you salivate and jump up and down like a lunatic. Recorded in just one week at the famous Rockfield Studios, ‘Do The Job’ was a critical success and saw the band receive praise from their peers.

So they are back and now its time, here is BRAND NEW, NEVER BEFORE HEARD TRACK from Baddies and its called ‘Bronto’. Just click on the ‘down arrow’ on the right to download!!

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