It’s a packed out Scala in Kings Cross this evening. Certainly there is an air of glamour and ‘Hollywood Tragedy’, as tonight is the debut London show for a certain Lana Del Rey.

With her previous shows being cancelled a couple of months back, Lana returns to bigger venues and with a mass of fans and credible accolades upon her. Much has been said about this enigmatic self proclaimed ‘Gangsta Nancy Sinatra’, her music business history, banned music videos and those lips! Sadly all too much has been said about her that doesn’t involve her music, it’s about time she set the record straight.

Lana Del Rey

Magnetism and a yearning to see one of the most captivating performers to come out of 2011 fills the room, as we are greeted by four very large white balloons front of stage. Camera’s already flashing before she has even entered stage right, anticipation is rising and out steps a glistening gold covered Lana, with an endearing chic and glowing persona. There’s no doubt that there is this seductive and charming quality about her, when she scales the creaky stage and takes to the microphone. Eyes transfixed on her and nothing else as she starts off with a song about being photographed and being people’s ‘China Doll’. Getting the impression she is already feeling the pressure of her new found fame.

We see more of her repertoire, outside of the obvious couple of tracks most people came to see this evening. What has been described as ‘Sad-Core’ but what I like to call ‘Hollywood Grime’. More rhythmic and with fresher hip hop style beats, that are bordering on greatness and great early signs of what to expect from her debut album. She obviously plays Blue Jeans (to a huge cheer as she tells the band ‘shall we play Blue?’) and the simply divine, ‘Video Games’. As soon as the familiar piano thud sounds out the eerie ringing intro, you are drawn in yet again as you feel the pull that her simply being on stage gives you.

Her set is rather short this evening, of which she apologises to the audience for, but they don’t seem to mind. The fact alone that they have witnessed her first live performance in London, is enough for most, which comes across as they gape in awe and admiration for the elegant starlet. What is evident is not only does she have this incredible stage presence of ‘glamorous melancholy’, but a fresh and vintage sound that is fast becoming a hard act to follow.

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