I have for you the brilliant debut single/video from the Princes of Dunfermline, Modern Faces. Some of you may be familiar with this band and some of you may not, but I can guarantee that within the next year you won’t be able to miss them.

Modern Faces are a perfect example of a band who exude confidence and take classic rock ‘n’ roll by the horns. With fire in their belly’s, they are ready to rip up the musical landscape and tear it a new arsehole.

The band have rapidly built themselves up a solid fan base and taking in celebrity admirers along the way. One Tom Meighan from Kasabian had this to say.  “Modern faces remind me of us when we were young, ready and willing to do whatever it takes for the thrill of being in a rock n roll band.” With confident words from the manic frontman, they even have the backing from Bizarre Editor, Gordon Smart who says they are “granite Scots with granite songs.”

This is the first proper release from the band and to accompany it, there is this politically driven, frenetic video directed by the brilliant Studio JK:AK. So here it is, Pravda Scrolls by Modern Faces

Modernfaces – ‘Pravda Scrolls’ from Studio JK:AK on Vimeo.

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