So a few days ago, you all would have seen and read Part 1 of the Avocado Chip story by Ben Sommers. Well I hope you all did, if not, you can recap simply by clicking here and that should get you up to speed. Part 2 of the story talks about a character called Hilary, a human eating lizard!

Sounds a little strange? Allow Ben to explain more clearly…

Chapter 2 tells the story of Hillary Conlint. Hillary is one of the darker characters in Starving Jane. She is half human, half reptilian. This chapter tells the story of how Hillary became the way she is (she’s also a prostitute who eats her punters).

The character Hillary was inspired by David Ickes theories that certain world leaders are from another planet. I spent a good few years researching conspiracy theories and although I’m on the fence in my opinions on whether or not some are true, I do love the idea that people such as Hillary Clinton are really half lizard.

This chapter is also depicted in the music video for the the song ‘Hillary, Oh Hillary’. (see below)

Part 2 of Avocado Chip…
















































And this is that epic and bizarre video that Ben was talking about…

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