Storytelling in music isn’t unusual. Most songwriters will usually have an idea what a song is going to be about and expand on it. Ben Sommers on the other end, took that to a whole other level.


With the release of his debut album imminent, Ben wanted to explain a bit more about this illustrious project that he has given birth to over the last year or so. The album is called Avocado Chip, of which this name will make much more sense once we go forward with the story. Now I am not going to give too much away, as I want Ben to introduce his creation to you and every so often tell you more about this wonderful world. The story of Avocado Chip comes in nine parts, so the story will unfold as time goes on. So without further ado, I will pass you over to Ben Sommers and allow him to explain….

“In chapter one of the story we meet Old Tall Sam, the ruler of a town called Starving Jane. Old Tall Sam is a major character in the story and is the focus for a lot of the plots that occur throughout. This chapter also sets the scene for what it’s like for the people who live in Starving Jane, what they’ve been through and their everyday struggle for survival.

The illustrations are by a very good friend of mine, Leaf Vigurs.┬áIt’s been a pretty exciting part of the project for me so far to have Leaf involved. He’s been turning up at my house every few weeks with new illustrations for the story and every time he shows me the work he has done it has blown me away.

There is a progression of colour throughout the nine chapters which you will begin to notice from around chapter 4, but we decided to keep to black and white illustrations for the first parts to emphasise the ‘bleakness’ of Starving Jane.

After the initial nine chapters that come with this first instalment of Avocado Chip there will be a new direction taken. Leaf and myself are discussing how the story and the illustrations can evolve.. Possibly go down the comic/graphic novel route or something else. I’m half way through the next couple of albums in the series so I think that will dictate where we go with it, we’ll see.”

Now this is Part 1 of Avocado Chip…

Now I am hoping you have got your head round that! Ben’s brand new single from the Avocado Chip album is a touching, sentimental song called ‘Elephant You’. A slightly distorted view of the world and a little taste of what can be expected from the body of work that is Avocado Chip.

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