Where do I begin? It’s been a little while since an artist has knocked me for six as much as Lana Del Rey has. The very little time she has been in the limelight she is already causing a stir amongst critics and music lovers alike. The self-proclaimed ‘Gangsta Nancy Sinatra’ releases her debut single, double A-side, Video Games/Blue Jeans on October 16th and this is what you can expect.

Lana Del Rey

Lana grew up in the outer edges of New York State where she says that her unique musical flavour first took shape. Her home town has an “epic, nostalgic feel”, but it was her move at 18 years of age into New York City, where her sound began to blossom. She says, “Every single day is a pleasure there. Every single day I walk out of the door is a good day. I like everything about it. New York totally rewards me for my love of it.”

With her love of David Lynch, Black and White 50’s movies, Coney Island, Hip-Hop and heartbreak, Lana has created this sublime and unprecedented sound. It is the grand scope that Lana has built around her┬áluscious, sultry tones, that makes Video Games and Blue Jeans rather special. It’s also that spine-tingling, haunting feeling you get when you listen back to lyrics like “It’s you, it’s all for you, everything I do, I’ll tell you all the time. Heaven is a place on Earth with you, tell me all the things you wanna do.” That ‘want’ and ‘need’ that she portrays and pours her heart out to, there is no getting away from that. She bares all and does it with an emotional class, it makes a grown man weep.

Lana has produced videos for both songs. Video Games was originally up and was taken down when it reached 500,000 views and banned from youtube!! So there is a new one for it now and also a delightful video for Blue Jeans too…..



Video Games/Blue Jeans is out digitally on the 16th October and on 7″ Picture Disc on the 17th October on Stranger Records.

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