Today saw the release of this site’s very first mixtape. A compilation put together by my good self of artists and bands that I absolutely adore right now. Every single one of them have kindly contributed a track so you can have this wonderful mixtape for FREE.

Sourmash Mixtape Vol.1: The Walls Are Not Listening

If you haven’t already you can download the whole mix here – http://sourmashmusic.bandcamp.com

What I want do now is give you a rundown of the people on it and why I chose them. We start off with something very special, and one track I was very pleased to get.

1. Poetry Of Life – Mr Gee

He was Russell Brand’s very own Poet Laureate and Mr Gee became a household name on his Radio 2 show. A very talented poet/spoken word artist, Gee gave me this exclusive spoken word piece as he felt it would fit perfectly into the mix and is a perfect introduction for the rest of the album. For more info on Mr Gee, you can head here – http://www.myspace.com/djmrgee

2. PACE MAKER – Breton

Recently signed to Fat Cat, this London based dance/art collective have been bubbling under the scene now for about  a year. Releasing a trilogy of EP’s, PACE MAKER was released just after as a stand alone free download. This track has become the gap between those EP’s and their debut album due for release in 2012. This band are exciting, innovative and just know how to blow up those boundaries. Check out the guys here – http://www.facebook.com/bretonlabs

3. Whole Picture – Stylusboy

Folk-Pop singer/songwriter from Coventry, Steve Jones a.k.a. Stylusboy delivers an infectious acoustic guitar driven gem. Whole Picture is the title track of Stylusboy’s latest EP. Also Steve designed the cover for this mixtape, so I owe this guy a double thanks, Thank you, Thank you. For more info head over to – http://www.stylusboy.co.uk/

4. Indie Electro Pop – Roxanne De Bastion

A tongue in cheek ode to the indie bands of late. Roxanne, originally from Berlin but now resides in London, is a very talented and endearing performer and has this way with words and simple melodies. This track can be found on her latest self titled EP and for more info on Roxanne you can head over to here – http://roxanne.everycity.co.uk/

5. Initials M.M. (3 Guys v Tompop Remix) – The Narrows

Manchester’s own moody dance trio, deliver dark, sinister slices of electro guitar rock. This track is a remix produced by themselves, of their latest single Initials M.M. The band are at the moment in the middle of recording their debut album and they tell me they have already blown up two studios in the process! Now that is Rock n Roll! For more info head on over to – http://www.facebook.com/thenarrows

6. Stepping Up – Nigel Thomas

Nigel is the very talented lead singer/songwriter for The Foxes. Nigel, who is a songwriting machine, had a series of home recordings ready to go a few months back so decided to release them and what become his debut solo album. Stepping Up is one of those songs off that album, it’s an energetic acoustic, 60s beat tinged beauty that I simply had to have on this collection. To hear the rest of his album go to – http://nigelthomas.bandcamp.com/album/third-movement

7. Mary Anne – Blind Atlas

Blind Atlas create divine Alt.Country rock that scales from Denver to Manchester. Mary Anne is a wonderful and touching ballad that can be found on their epic EP called Iron Wall. Definitely for fans of Neil Young right through to Fleet Foxes, head over to – http://www.myspace.com/blindatlas for more info.

8. Labyrinth – Underground Heroes

Ever since I heard a B-side they did called Lost In Dundee, I was completely hooked. Remaining just under the radar for a couple of years, Underground Heroes see a change in direction in sound on this previously unreleased track. Working at their own studio and experimenting with different sounds, the band are looking to release something new very soon. Head here – http://www.myspace.com/undergroundheroes for more info.

9. New-Ish – Azekel

East London rapper/singer/producer, Azekel, has given us a slice of Dub/RnB class. It’s big on beats and eclectic in it’s approach with a couple of little twists and turns. Ultra talented and one you will have to keep an eye on in the next year. Head to his new official site for more info – http://www.azekel.com/

10. I’ll Never Tell – Charlotte Eriksson

When I first heard Charlotte, I can’t stress enough how blown away I was by this singer/songwriters exceptional talent. I’ll Never Tell can be found on Charlotte’s self released EP, A Glass Child, and has to be heard simply for her exceptional songwriting and incredible vocal range. For more info you can go here – http://theglasschild.tumblr.com/

11. Landcrab – The Fierce And The Dead

This two minute power house of a post-rock/prog punch in the face is just a teaser of this brilliant instrumental tour de force. You can find Landcrab on their debut album, If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe. To check this band out head here – http://www.fierceandthedead.com/

12. The First Of Many Dreams About Monsters – Spring Offensive

Now for those of you who do follow me on Twitter will know my love for this band stretches very far. This epic and very complex 13 minute single has to be heard to be believed. A concept single based around Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s model of the five stages of grief. The track is about someone writing a song about dealing with similar issues. A very special band indeed who always produce thought-provoking music and should be everyone’s favourite band. Go to their own website here – http://www.springoffensive.co.uk/ for more info.

That is all 12 tracks, 12 ear pleasuring moments that you all need to hear. So that link again is – http://sourmashmusic.bandcamp.com it is FREE, so for great new music, what are you waiting for?














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