So at exactly 8.15am this morning, Noel Gallagher’s debut solo single got it’s first airing on BBC Radio 2. For some of you that follow me on Twitter will know I was just a tad excited this morning to hear what “The Chief” had to offer. I waited and waited and the time came, a rush of adrenaline and chills down my spine, then it arrived!!

Noel looking reflective!

Not knowing what to expect, as Noel as kept everything regarding his solo album very close to his chest. Amazingly very few people would have heard the single before this time, so it was fresh and new for millions of people on this Monday morning. So what are my thoughts……

A lot of talk about it not being Oasis, not being very Rock n Roll, but I just want to say have a listen to the last couple of Oasis albums and Noels input on them, The Chief has chilled out. He is writing more reflective and creative songs that push the imagination just that little bit more. “The Death Of You and Me” is full of epic hooks and is certainly a world away from classic Oasis. It’s dreamy, serene and simply magical with a touching sentiment that is uplifting and a perfect accompaniment to the summer.

Personally, I think it is a wonderful song, if I am being at my most honest, not what I was expecting, but I think that’s what Noel plans to do, surprise us! As the video says at the end….. To Be Continued

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