Something exciting and innovative in the shape of East London singer/rapper, Azekel. Pushing boundaries in the realm of Dub and Pop, here’s why you should check him out.


A self taught musician, Azekel has taken a more original approach in his delivery. Certainly not your bog standard “grab a couple of beats and slap some bass on it” kind of guy, no Azekel is someone who propels himself forward and knows no boundaries. At just 21, he seems to have a fountain of knowledge when it comes to Soul, Hip Hop and RnB. With complex beats and creative genre fusing melodies, combine that with deep tones and imaginative rhymes, you are close as to how defining Azekel is.

A perfect introduction to the man himself is his one and only release that is out, his single ‘New-Ish’. This is exactly what I have been talking about, the man knows how to deliver and you can see the video here….

You can also download ‘New-Ish’ too on Azekel’s bandcamp page, for FREE! So if you like what you hear support him.

Also if you are in the area, 21st July, see’s a live performance from Azekel at the legendary YoYo’s night at Notting Hill Arts Club, so make sure you come down!

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