Now for a long overdue New Noise… feature for you, one of which that comes in the shape of oddball electro pop twisters, Plant Plants. The duo from London create an amalgamation of infused math rock with effect pedal ‘Talking Heads’ electronica. It’s a mind bending soundscape that captures the imagination and simply mesmerises the listener.

Plant Plants

The one thing that amazes me about these guys is how complex the music is, but there is not a laptop in sight. It is live instrumentation from the bottom up, whether that be using fuzz pedals or samplers, it’s all them. They have just released an EP  simply entitled ‘Plant Plants’ and it was released on the 20th June through ‘Less Music’. Produced by the brilliant Jas Shaw of Simian Mobile Disco, together they have conceived this magnificent piece of work that combines digital sampling, parallel vocals and intricate guitar work. Songs like ‘Hands That Sleep’ and ‘She’s The One’ are just spellbinding examples of two innovative minds at work.

If you want to hear exactly what I am talking about, go no further as I have a free track right here for you to download….

For more info on the band you can visit them on Facebook and MySpace if you so wish.

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