Have you ever wondered what classic Rock ‘n’ Roll would sound like performed by four young sisters from Australia? Just me then! Well Stonefield are exactly that and a powerhouse of a band they are too. This is their debut EP entitled ‘Through The Clover’ and it has to be one of the more fascinating releases I have encountered this year.


Stonefield are Amy Findlay (Lead Vocals and Drums), Hannah Findlay (Guitar), Sarah Findlay (Keys) and Holly Findlay (Bass).
In 2010 they won triple j’s Unearthed High competition, which led to two songs ‘Through The Clover’ and ‘Foreign Lover’ being played on high rotation on the J’s. An invitation to play at One Movement in Perth saw the band play in front of thousands of industry folk and fans and has led to a spot on the 2011 Glastonbury and The Great Escape line ups. For the last year they have gained critical acclaim in their native Oz, but are making their way around the globe one small step at time.

So what of their debut release, well ‘Through The Clover’, their title track, was the first thing I heard and a big part of why I am writing about them today. Considering their age they seem to encapsulate that true 70s Soulful Rock n Roll spirit to a staggering degree, its mind-blowing! ‘Through The Clover’ is a colossal homage to the old school greats. Powerful shredding guitar solo’s, simple but engulfing beats and mesmerising sultry vocals from the eldest Findlay sister, Amy. Put it this way, I could listen to it non-stop, for days on end, it’s that damn good. It leads on to the smooth sounds of ‘Foreign Lover’, which is what I imagine a magic carpet ride would sound like. Wrapped up in these wonderful ‘Doors’ inspired organ sections and scaling captivating vocals, that weave in and out through a sublime wall of sound.

‘Drowning’ with its cowbell and refrains of “Help me help me I’m drowning” does come in slowly and quite un impressively. But with a huge POW, youngest Holly screams her little lungs out and the guitars come crashing down with a real tour de force. ‘Chase The Sun’ is a real treat full of paramount riffs and packed full of grooves and monumental bass lines. Brimming with genuine emotion and what becomes for me, one of the other highlights on this release. They finish on ‘Walk My Way’, a Hammond led mature, vibe-laden song. It’s precise and to the point, it winds up magically what is ultimately an enthralling collection of compositions.

What strikes me with Stonefield is how much experience their sound has at such tender ages. It’s almost like they are possessed by some of the greats of the ‘Golden Age’ and with such an engrossing talent, they leave you spellbound in the process. A triumphant debut and one that will certainly have the attention of even some of the toughest critics. Glorious and simply divine in all the right places, it’s “one for the soul man”, so just let Stonefield take you for a ride.

Here is what grabbed my attention, the video for ‘Through The Clover’….

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