Do you remember a little while back I introduced you to an Oxford based band who go by the name, Spring Offensive. Well I did, it was back in July last year and it’s here. I then got giddy over a gig they did in London, which is also here oh and did I tell you that they gave away an epic 14minute single for free too! Oh yes that’s right I did, it’s here. My incessant point to this is that I can’t express enough how great I think this band is, which leads me nicely into the fact that THEY ONLY HAVE A NEW BLOODY SINGLE OUT AND ITS CALLED ‘A STUTTER AND A START’ AND IT’S OUT FROM TODAY AND YOU ALL NEED TO HEAR IT……..(and breath.)

Spring Offensive

It’s never simple enough for Spring Offensive to just release any old single and it just mean nothing, oh no! ‘A Stutter And A Start’ is yet another incredible song with an interesting narrative with subtle complexities and deep rooted moments of tenderness. It is a story told from the point of view from someone who is spending hours freezing in a car on the side of the road, making excuses rather than facing confrontation with a lover waiting alone in a restaurant. The band state it is “about a breakdown in every sense of the word: communication, the car and the relationship. But we try and make it sound triumphant, rather than the cowardly act that it actually is.

What is striking about the band is that they get you on so many different levels, it’s the effect they have had on me since I can remember first hearing them. A Stutter And A Start is no different, with it’s layer upon layer of affecting components that come to an inspiring climatic response. Sparse and intricate guitar entwined with big harmonies that will have you fighting at the emotions,  just let it out, it’s worth it in the end.

With the single you have B-Side ‘The Well’, a deeply moving piano led track, epic and focused and again tugs at the heart strings. Fan favourite, ‘Abacus Rex’ has also been included as a B-side, remixed by fellow Oxford band, Gunning For Tamar. Not only that, as a treat to all the fans that paid for the limited one week release of their last acoustic EP, ‘Between Me And You’, they will also get credited on this single release! Not only that (yes there is more!!!!) with the physical copy, the sleeve comes in black and white and with colouring pencils, for you to colour it in however you like!

I can’t tell you guys enough how dumbfounded this band make me, if this is your first experience of Spring Offensive, download the single from today and everything else they have ever done! With that in mind, here is their brand new video to accompany A Stutter And A Start….

For all things Spring Offensive, its here – http://www.springoffensive.co.uk/ that you need to go!

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