When someone captivates me as much as Hannah Trigwell has done since I found out about her, it would be stupid of me not to pass her on to you. It has been a while since I have been taken back by a female singer/songwriter, but it did not take me long to be mesmerised by Hannah’s endearing talent.

Hannah Trigwell

As all great meets in the last year, I encountered Hannah via Twitter as she asked me to listen to an EP she had made. That EP is called ‘Hold My Heart’ and when I first heard it I became enraptured in what she had produced. Understated, emotional melody that I became enthralled with instantly. To put it simply I was hooked, then I get told she is only releasing her debut single, ‘Headrush’ on the 11th April, would I like to hear it? I don’t jump at chances too often, but I was at the ready with a ‘yes send it to me please’ kind of reply.

What you find with Hannah is that her music is very expressive, it is not just about the song itself but the process she takes to get there. A lot of musicians talk about journeys, but this rarely comes across in the music itself. With Hannah it is all there, open hearted and her soul bared for all to feel and wonderfully enjoy. Headrush is a touching introduction to what shall hopefully become an illustrious career for the young singer/songwriter. A song about how powerful that passionate first meeting between two people can be. As difficult as it can be to explain such a joyous moment, Hannah gets to the core of it and pours out every last drop of elation that is humanely possible. All wrapped up in striking piano and acoustic guitar, with nods to Jewel, it’s her beautiful and amazing quality to her voice that will have you enchanted from start to finish.

Listen to a teaser of Headrush now, which includes footage of Hannah in the studio….

Just something else for you too, she only went done a version of my favourite Bon Iver song, Skinny Love! So just wanted to share this with you too….


For more info on Hannah, please head over to her official website – http://www.hannahtrigwell.co.uk

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