So I got some very exciting news in my email inbox this morning! I was only given a tracklisting for Noel Gallagher’s solo album!!

There has been a lot of information flying about regarding this much anticipated release. Who he is working with, problems with management not liking the direction and that the album has already been finished!

I’m not going to rant too much as I want you all to see this information, so brace yourself for Noel Gallagher’s possible Solo Album……

Single Release date (8/29/2011)

“Come On It’s Alright”

Album release date (10/3/2011)

1. The Magic Can’t Be Right
2. Stop The Clocks
3. Freaky Teeth
4. Mile High Moon
5. Come On It’s Alright
6. God Help Us All
7. Don’t Stop Being Happy
8. Red, White And Blue
9. If I Had A Gun
10. I Want To Live In A Dream In My Record Machine

So there you have it! Unfortunately it is a ‘You will have to wait and see’ situation, but let the backlash commence!

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    • it was leaked years ago on youtube…def not fake it went..stop the clocks an turn the world around,let your love lay me down,when the night is over therll be no sound..

      also a clip of god help us all is featured in lord dont slow mw down dvd when liams in speedboat

    • the best of (not greatest hits) is named after that song. there is tutorials for it and everything:L if i had a gun was wrote in the oasis days aswell. infact, the DVD that you get with limited edition version of stop the clocks is call ‘lock the box’… thats a lyric from the song man… lock the box and leave it all behind – on the back seat of my mind

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  3. If this is true, congrats. You got the scoop on one of the biggest stories of the year.

    If this is not true, this is a really awful case of terrible journalism, a really poorly thought out prank, or something else.

    Also, you got an email with just a tracklist, single date, and no press release? That seems highly unlikely.

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  5. What a load of bullshit – all these songs are old. Sourmash is taking the piss and has compiled a list of unreleased Oasis tunes from yesteryear.

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  10. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the solo album news is fake. I Want To Live In A Dream In My Record Machine and Stop The Clocks have already been released by Oasis, therefore Noel wouldn’t re-release them on a solo album. If I Had A Gun was the name given to a song recorded in a sound check by the fans – Noel has already confirmed this isnt the name of the song. Plus, if there was an album release date we’d have heard some sort of confirmation from Noel or his record label, which we havent.

    • If I had a gun was the name given by Noel on Tales to No where. Record machine and stop the clocks were never released. So not compltely out of the ordinary and definately possible!

  11. If Noel tours the US in 2012. I will be @ that concert. Cuz he usually goes on tour a year after the album’s release. Especially the US.

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  13. Such a lazy fake. It’s just every song that Noel’s mentioned in interviews but never actually released. I mean come on, “Red, White and Blue” is from the Definitely Maybe days!

  14. Only 10 tracks and many of them either old Oasis songs or songs mentioned in interviews over the years. Got to be suss info! I expect more from The Chief!

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    • Can anyone please confirm/ask/explain.. where is the “God help us all/If there’s a God”?? I hope it’s under a different name – as I’ll be shattered if its not on Noel’s first album. If you havent heard it yet, go to Youtube, and you’ll see what I mean.. Surely Noel can’t leave this song off

  20. certainly ‘Red, White, and Blue’ was mentioned in the late 90s by Noel as being the only political song he’s ever written. Even if the list is clumsy misdirection, I’d be interested in hearing RWB as it’s never made it on to any of the bootlegs kicking around on the web.

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