What happens when you let a very talented singer/songwriter and a film crew loose in a supermarket? The outcome is one Guerilla Gig you wish you were at!

Adam Barnes

Adam Barnes hails from Oxford and I found out about him by chance when I was at gig to see another Oxford band, Spring Offensive. Since that day I have listened to Adam’s EP Blisters to death and have been looking forward to seeing the guy play live again. A songwriter of honesty and definitely comes from the school of gut wrenching melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Emotionally affecting music seems to be Adam’s strong point with nods to the Alt.Country/Americana musicians of now.

So video director George Fox has created this wonderful production of Adam simply performing through several supermarkets. It is the awkward moments on Adams face when he feels he may be chucked out any point, that really get me. You feel this kind of admiral jubilation for him but at the same time just completely nervous at the same time. On top of that, the song is just a powerful and emotional sentiment that Adam performs beautifully.

So here it is and keep watching right to the end for the unexpected twist……

For more info on Adam head over to www.myspace.com/adambarnes

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