I have been racking my brains for ages right, must do something on a regular basis for the blog! Do I do song of the week? or hairdo of the week? Decisions decisions that just hurt my head, so I went fuck it, how about videos! Everyone loves a good music video and the calibre of new band videos nowadays are something rather special in the grand scheme of things. So the first video that inspired me was the ludicrously tasty ‘Fragile Mansions’ by What Would Jesus Drive.

What Would Jesus Drive

The band very recently released their EP ‘Fragile Mansions’ which is four tracks of crazy rambunctious  electro punk rock. The lead single is the title track and just so happens to be their only video for the release. It’s feverish, fast and furious, but with their tongues firmly in their cheeks, it’s a treat that will have you foaming at the mouth!

The video is packed full of visuals and crazy graph book type images, paint splatters and lots of split screens. The damn song is so bloody infectious too, I was gritting my teeth and po-going all at the same time. Not only that they go ahead and mention the town I went to school in, Dagenham, lovely Dagenham! Anyway check this video out and also you can buy the EP and watch and listen to other stuff at the official site for the band. So without further ado and any more incoherent ranting from me, its Fragile Mansions…..

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