Not Squares are not really known outside of their home of Northern Ireland, but their epic electro god-like sounds will certainly raise a few eyebrows further afield. ‘Yeah Ok’ is their debut album and they¬†have released two singles previously. Signed to Ricther Collective, I think this album will certainly make some waves going into 2011.

Yeah Ok

‘Release The Bees’ which was the second single off of the album, kicks of proceedings with a haunting and dramatic entrance. With their blend of crashing drums and drippy synths, it is relentless and a perfect introduction to push you on through to the rest of ‘Yeah Ok’. ‘De Na Na’ and ‘In Front’, are both short, direct and focus on the loudest beats possible and the band get knob twiddling like a child with a new toy. Never letting up, they become this “in your face” assault which I also found rather refreshing.

The first introduction I had to Not Squares was their free download single ‘Asylum’. It is one of those “…of the year” moments as every time I hear this song, I get excited and want to jump around like lunatic. Asylum also displays the bands more organic approach into guitar sounds, with its mega math-rock like hook and snare heavy back line. Chants and two/three-part harmonies will also grab your attention and will have you on your feet in a flash. ‘Nothing’ continues where Asylum leads off and has this rather wonderful fuzz that builds up into a euphoric explosion. Driving bass and this funky house guitar riff, that weaves in and out of a coda of “Every night we don’t do nothing”, sublime and simply brilliant.

Another thing is the weird song titles and “Bi Kan Na” is no different. It’s like the best bits of Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Late Of The Pier, with that concoction of live tribal like drumming and dance floor hysteria. It all ends in a storm of feedback on ’53’ as the guitars are out again and this time it’s personal! What makes this album so special, is the bands understanding of mixing live instrument orientated chic with DJ/Sampling edge. It sounds fresh and keeps you in awe throughout, which can’t be a bad thing.

The album is out now and can be previewed and bought via their Bandcamp page, so click on the link and check it out as I genuinely cannot speak highly enough of what they have done.

Just as a teaser, listen to Asylum right here…

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