Unadulterated swagger is on the menu when it comes to ‘Pure Barry Discotek’ by The Lost Generation. Crunchy riffs, big choruses and groovy bass lines all make up a brave album of grand scale proportion.

The Lost Generation

The band kick off proceedings with the mighty ‘How Will You Sleep?’. Powerful Josh Homme like harmonies and near dance influenced thundering guitar crunches, this opener certainly packs an almighty punch and feverishly sets the tone quite quickly. They don’t stop there though, as the pummeling noise of ‘What I Want’ comes roaring through with the war cry of “I’m gonna do what the hell I want”. The band certainly don’t shy away from turning their amps up to 11 and why should they I say. A personal favourite of mine is the simple but affecting ballad, ‘Hold On’. A perfect addition to change the pace of the record, as lead singer Mike bares his soul to plead to the world “don’t break me”, and boy does he mean it.

‘Keep On Runnin’ is like the Chili Peppers doing The Black Crowes. Funky bass lines covered over with a hint of Americana and Alt. Country. An odd mix I know, but put that together with some powerful female vocals and a driving rhythm section and you have a great foot stomping, soulful number. Distorted fuzz and again LOUD guitar moments can be found on the short but not quite sweet ‘Lose Your Love’. Dirty and covered in sludge, at a minute and a half long, what’s not to like. One song I did struggle with was ‘Blame It On The Gun’. Granted, a touching ballad but one that does lose that sentiment with the strange echoey vocals, that unfortunately didn’t work for me. Now any songs with words “Lord” or “God” in I am usually rather sceptical of, so when I see the words ‘Calling For You (My Lord)’ I wasn’t hopeful. What saves it from its appalling title is its big huge chorus and ‘force of nature’ thumping drumming. A powerful and rip-roaring harmonious finale that brings Pure Barry Discotek to a valiant end.

A band like The Lost Generation are not gonna set the obscure or “brain” rock, as I like to call it, masses alight. That’s not the point as this band have that cocky mentality that will make the strongest of males weep and want to rip things apart, all at the same time. They wear their heart and their influences on their sleeve and that I can appreciate and adore all at once. Funny title aside, Pure Barry Discotek is a no strings attached approach to music making. Epic, hands aloft style Rawk n Roll, that gets the pulse racing and the soul singing.

You can find out more info on the band via their website www.thelostgeneration.co.uk and you can download the FREE track ‘Lose Your Love’ too!

The band have allowed me to post the first track on the album, the brilliant ‘How Will You Sleep?’, so here it is….

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