It seems that unsigned bands nowadays don’t need to just rest on their laurels and just post a couple of MP3’s up anymore, oh no, it’s all about the DIY Video now. One site that is the paving the way for this small but ever-increasing phenomenon is a site called EyeSeeSound.

With so much to experience on the site and with their unique approach, it’s amazing to see how dedicated they are to the cause. They state that they are about independent and DIY bands, and that they certainly are. Gaining exposure for bands and artists that they truly like and appreciate, having a site like this around is a real asset to the independent music industry as a whole.

So let me just give you a brief idea of what they do. They have a page called The Show which is a magazine style TV Show. They do Live Sessions which have seen the likes of Spring Offensive perform at The Luminaire in Kilburn. Now Heads Up is the interesting one, where they introduce new bands and new music through amazing and interesting film promo’s which have to be seen! They offer online Mixtapes and also a very amusing Podcast too. If that is not enough, they also do their own Music Videos, Short Films and Animations and also have their very own Blog for all their musings and commentary.

So go and pay the site a visit, it’s www.eyeseesound.tv and definitely deserves some of your time and attention. So what  are you waiting for?

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