24th October see’s the debut album from hotly tipped Union Sound Set. The album entitled ‘Start/Stop’, see’s previous Prego members, Edd Simpson, Casper Williamson and Simon Britcliffe continue their journey of expressive emotional rock with great results.


It’s a Post-Rock love affair with the Union Sound Set’s debut album. Doused in atmospheric guitars and emotional choral like vocals that are rife with pain and frustration. All this might sound like your typical emo by numbers style release, but there is certainly something rather special about this band, which I discovered first on their single “Hiding Places”. With its powerful hooks and pounding drums, all of which lead up to a big and beautiful sounding chorus and euphoric empowerment. There is also a striking resemblance to lead singer, Edd’s brother’s band. Now if I am right, Edd’s sibling is none other than Charlie Simpson of Fightstar. Not only do they share the same vocal style, but a song like ‘Here’s To You’ would not seem out-of-place on say ‘Grand Unification’.

Comparison of his bro’s band aside, you have ‘Years Days Months’ with it’s immense accession into heavenly like layered guitar work which displays a real maturity and grace. ‘The Longest Calm’ has a much lighter approach and a pulverising punch that is full of energy and urgency. Again with that big powerful chorus that breaks on through and hits the emotional button hard. ‘Hit To Send’ shows how heart wrenching Union Sound Set can get. Edd sings “Hit to send there’s a long way out and it feels your still there” to compelling effect. Ending all that on the real progressive ‘Waiting Minds’ with an organ led intro and a simple but touching clean melodic tone. Take that and add falsetto harmonies and you have the perfect Post-Hardcore ballad.

Soaring, powerful and with a┬ásensitive edge that just keeps on giving. ‘Start/Stop’ is a humble but effective album that is jubilant and heavyhearted in equal measures, and one not to be missed.

‘Hiding Places’ video…..

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