Its a rare occurrence when you find a band that just makes your spine tingle every time you see them. When Spring Offensive play it is always a monumental occasion that I struggle to describe but feel very strongly about.

As we step foot into the Windmill, which seems like an art house haven for every aching creative type wanting a break, we are treated to the rather talented Adam Barnes.  (http://myspace.com/adambarnes) Who has this deep and soulful voice that just seemed to grab everyone, so much so there was complete silence on more than one occasion. A real emotionally driven performance from the same mould as the likes of Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, basically an absolute joy to watch and will definitely be mentioned on this blog again.

Heliopause were up next and much to the disappointment of my good friends, I wasn’t a fan. Hazy summery grunge influenced rock, that had a singer with the vocal stylings of a bored fish. I was lost from the beginning and unfortunately I never quite recovered. As the night wore on, the excitement was bubbling as Spring Offensive made their way to the front and the crowd seemed to triple in numbers out of nowhere.

This band are a real find and just never fail to disappoint their audience, with their captivating and at times complex performance. We are treated to also their epic 14min single entitled ‘The First Of Many Dreams About Monsters’, which you can find here. A carefully constructed piece that documents the stages of the grieving process, which you have to admit is a rather touching subject to write about. Spring Offensive deliver this momentous song to heartrending effect, to then reach their emotional and harmonious ending. They play crowd favourites such as ‘I Found Myself Smiling’ and ‘Every Coin’, but it is ‘A Let Down’ that they end on for the night much to this writers pleasure. Singing a long to every word of a song at the stage they are at has got to be a good thing, right?

More info on the band can be found here and just for your listening pleasure here is that epic single in full…

The First of Many Dreams About Monsters by springoffensive

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2 thoughts on “Spring Offensive Live @ The Windmill, Brixton 26/09/10

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