I don’t know about you, but I think the many different ways bands and producers make music at the moment, just gets more unique over time. Step forward then this collaboration with grime producer Nocturnal and Hip Hop’s brightest young stars, I Am One Project.

The production on this brilliantly dark dose of British Grime/Hip Hop, was created on none other than a PC game that goes by the name of APB: All Points Bulletin. The game itself has an in built music editor which allows players to create either full tracks or 5 second themes. I have been informed that it is the first of it’s kind to get a full release in such a way. Nocturnal provides the magic production hands while friends of Sourmash Music Reviews, I Am One Project, just give the track a moody but yet deep overtone with their unique mix of folk harmonies and fresh MCing.

I think the great aspect is that if I hadn’t have told you how this tune was conceived, you would have been none the wiser. Simply put it is a effortless slice of how modern rap should be done, emotionally driven and hard to beat when it comes to Jamie’s poetic spit. Check the video out here now…..


‘The Movement’ is officially released on Monday 13th September and I Am One Project will be playing 93 Feet East this bank holiday Monday, to celebrate it’s release.

For more info on either artist, you have I Am One Project and Nocturnal so head on over now!

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