So I get this rather pleasant email from a singer/songwriter, as you do, and it was only the rather lovely Roxanne de Bastion. Roxanne has released a video for her brand new single ‘One Morning’ and it is an absolute delight.

Born and raised in Berlin, Roxanne already knew that she wanted to be a musician at the tender age of 10. Head strong and with a huge passion for music, Roxanne moved to London in 2007 to pursue her music career. In that time she has released her debut EP ‘Mono’ through Zube Records and has continously toured the UK club scene which includes the infamous Cavern Club, The 100 Club and the Camden Barfly, just to name a few.

Just one listen to ‘One Morning’ and you instantly hear the effortless magic that weaves itself in and out of this wonderful song. With playful sweet lyrics that create beautiful imagery that is reminiscent of Regina Spektor and hints of Joni Mitchell too. It’s a captivating display of a modern pop ballad, that will have you strolling along in the London sunshine as the rain begins to stop and your woes seem to disappear.

The single is due for release very soon and Roxanne tells me that her new EP will be out some time in the Autumn. If you want to see her live too, she is playing more dates over the coming month and you can find these out on her  Myspace page right now.

And here is ‘One Morning…’


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6 thoughts on “NEW VIDEO: One Morning – Roxanne de Bastion

  1. Die Musik von Roxanne ist bezaubernd und lässt alles vergessen – egal ob live oder auf dem digitalen Wege – Der Vergleich mit Regina Spektor ist passend und stimmt mit meinen Gedanken sehr überein – wer weiß schon was mal kommt, aber es kann ja gut möglich sein das irgendwann Nachwuchskünstler mit Roxanne verglichen werden – Constanze

  2. Great video and marvellous production of the song, which has made it truly sparkle! To quote an old German song, ,,Du kannst zaubern" Roxanne! (I hope that's right, the song was in some kind of Schwaebische dialect…) The addition of the piano stuff (I'm slightly biased here) really adds to the song and brings it a new and 'vast landscape'-type quality. Great stuff!

  3. Roxanne has played the the front stage of the Cavern Club a few times. I was fortunate to meet Roxanne and her Father Richard while they were in liverpool around 4 years ago.Ive watched Roxanne grow as a musician in that time and this record is her best work to date. She was very fortunate to grow up in Berlin after the wall came down and its status as an oasis of diverse music grew and enveloped the city.Thankyou to her father and mothers love of diversity and music. Roxanne has a developed a love for life and for music that is pure.I wish her well on her journey.Patrick

  4. Roxanne rox!!! But seriously, love this song, it's intelligent and smiley and a little sad all at the same time. Oh and I like the change in beat structure between the chorus and verse, very fresh.

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