As far as music goes nowadays it’s certainly clear that bands are far more uncomfortable with sticking with one genre. Throw away that horrid term ‘pigeon holing’ as Spring Offensive throw away the indie music rule book in favour of genre amalgamation to the highest degree.

I don’t know if it’s something about the fact that the band come from Oxford, but the intelligence and the high art craft that they create is simply mesmerising. Think Foals if they had the grit and vigour that comes with a post-hardcore sensibility. In places it’s big sounding and euphoric but then contrasted with careful and emotional moments that mold their sound into greatness. It will have you slip into despair with a glimmer of hope along with a ray of positivity that becomes imminent and powerful. Spring Offensive have already released a mini album in the shape of ‘Pull Us Apart’ in March. With critical praise from the likes of Tom Robinson and Huw Stephens already in their short career, the band have announced they will release ‘The First of Many Dreams’ this month as a free download. I can’t imagine where this band will go next, with also an inclusion on the famous Alcopop Compilation (vol.4), it looks like a very promising year for Spring Offensive that deserves all the recognition they get.

Spring Offensive – Every Coin from Runaway on Vimeo.

Above is the track Every Coin which can be found on Pull Us Apart which is OUT NOW and available to download!

The band are embarking on a UK tour hitting many cities across the country and I don’t need to tell you to go see them, because your already thinking about it right now. As always for info head on over to their MySpace page for gig listings and links to download both of their releases.

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