As a new breed of British rappers comes through from all walks of life, there is this emergence of rhyme and rhythm that has been missing from the scene for a few years now. You have got Giggs, Professor Green, Tinie Tempah and the man who is releasing his debut album ‘Won’t Go Quietly’, Example. Is he straight forward hip hop? Or is he cheesy house music? It’s one of those music debates that will just go round in circles. One thing is for certain, Example, is keeping a once troubled UK scene fresh and alive with his care free beats and party time lyrics. There is no need for pigeon holing here, because if something is this good, you just want to enjoy it over and over again.

‘From Space’ is the album’s opener and as I have mentioned previously, Example is a dab hand at mixing up genres to get to the finished result. A bit Dizzee and a touch of 99 Problems makes ‘From Space’ a stomping bass heavy guitar/synth gem. Title track and second single ‘Won’t Go Quietly’ is the one that blew everything up for Example and is an instant dance floor classic. With lyrics such as ‘Now I, Shouldn’t be thinking it’s over, instead I’m calling her over, now she’s here she won’t go quietly’, throws up dilemmas of the young modern man and with an ounce of cocky swagger thrown in too. First single proper was the blissed out, Ibiza chill love song ‘Watch The Sun Come Up’. Delivering brilliant euphoric sounds as you imagine yourself on a night out trying to the catch the eye of the hottest girl in the club. Example wistfully sums up mundane moments like that and make them rather magical and with a lot of heart.

Nights out do seem to be the running theme on ‘Won’t Go Quietly’ but he bucks the trend with ‘Millionaires’. A very touching and dare I say it, beautiful track that is just one big letter of apology. Ignore the fact that the singer on there sounds like Peter Andre and you will appreciate the subtle emotion that filters through and what for me is one of the albums key tracks. New single ‘Kickstarts’ is yet again a modern day love song for the ‘Skins’ generation. With a slight twist on classic love lines such as ‘I realise what I got when I’m outta my town, deep down your my girl in the golden crown’, it just speaks volumes to the young love chasing youth of today.

Leave your genre defining discussions at the door because Example definitely has. It’s not about rap, it’s not about house and it’s not about electro, it’s amazing pop music that requires no label. Big production and cheeky slices of witty banter, a touch of rhyme and sizzling club anthems make is an abundance here. ‘Won’t Go Quietly’ is a reminder that if we let our inhibitions go and throw down the walls, we can be free and easy and all have great time in the process.


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2 thoughts on “Won’t Go Quietly (Album) by Example – 21/06/10

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